Using the Story

Life Changing Stories

Use the quick fiction story as a trigger for change. You are the main character, and you can overcome your situation. And be triumphant.

Think of your own situation, and where you’d like to be in your life. You can focus on relationships, money, career, and health.

You are the character in the story. It is about you.

You can simply remember the story and refer it whenever you want.

You can print out the story, (and leave appropriate space at the top and at the bottom.) Write in your current situation or condition on top, refer to the story, and write your desired outcome on the bottom. You can include steps on how you want to go forward.

Take charge of your life, with life changing fun-filled stories, stories that will make you fly!

We provide a new way to access your greatness. You become the main character of a one page whimsical story, and you always triumph to victory.

The story is quick and easy to remember, and you can take it with you. Whenever you need it, you can simply run the story through your head and come out the other side of your dilemma in triumphant victory!

You are the star of your own block – buster. Through the uplifting story, you remove blocks to relationship, health, and success.

You become the author of your life, the person you were meant to be.

You can use the story to fit your needs, or create your story, fiction and non- fiction.

It’s your life. Make it shine. We will help you.


Unblock in 5 Minutes with Life Changing Stories

Change your story – Change your world.

  • Let go of your old story and live your new story, your true story now.
  • Rewrite your life and help change your world.
  • Change your narrative using a story that is simple to remember at anytime, any time you need it.

About Marvin Ginsberg

  • Unblock in 5 minutes with Life Changing Stories
  • Marvin Ginsberg has changed his story over and over again, and changed his life.
  • This is a simple way to unhook from your patterns within 5 minutes.
  • It is a way you can change your life, one step at a time, using the stories along with the broader methodology called The Method.
  • Marvin Ginsberg has been teaching The Method in private sessions, classes and workshops for many years.
  • He is now offering stories to help you undo the past and live into your brightest future.

About Life Changing Stories:

You are the main character of the story and you can put yourself through the story line whenever you are stuck, stressed, or want to change a habit or even a life pattern.

Just think of your present situation and what you want to change.

Read, or simply remember, the one page story and it will take your life forward, in a whole new, wonderful way.