From the Stories That Make You Fly Collection, by Marvin Ginsberg

A man rose to the sky.

“My, oh my!”

He was in awe of the stars and he fell down.

He saw replicas of the stars in the concrete below as he approached Times Sq. in NYC.

“Wow!” he said.

He fell through the concrete and he was still on a high although he was going low.

He kept free falling with no end.

And then it was the end.

“When will I ever stop?” he asked.

“Never” a voice came to him unless you know.

“Unless I know what?”

“Unless I know what?”

There was no answer.

He freaked. He panicked.

He kept falling faster and faster with no end as the velocity built.

Until he realized the stars were within.

The cells and atoms were the stars. Heaven was within. God was within.

He was here to express it through his gifts and talents.

“Oh,” he said.

And he slowed down and stopped.

He stood in mid air.

Now what? I don’t want to stay here.

“What do you want to do in your life that you’re not doing now?” the voice asked.

“I want to write. Be a Writer.”

“And write about peace and healing and creating love on Earth.”

And up we go.

He rose and rose getting higher and higher and higher until he reached dry land.

He went up through the concrete because it was all energy anyway.

And he was on solid ground.

The ground stiffened for him.

So he can change the world.