By Marvin Ginsberg

A man put on a hat that he found on the ground, and he flew.

He removed his hat and he fell down. He put on his hat, and he rose.

He knew the power was in this amazing hat.

He free fell to the planet Earth and he bounced back up when he was just ¾ of an inch from the ground.

He said, “This is a great hat!”

But there was something greater than the hat.

“I could rule the world with this hat,” he beamed. He got bigger and wider. His bloated self fell down.

A heavier gust of wind threw him off course. He flew upside down. He was without the hat. He was doomed.

He landed on a stretcher. He was badly bruised. He was carried away.

This was the end.

“Follow your highest dreams, a voice said. Dance. Move forward to the heights. That is your destiny,” the voice said.

But my body is hurting. “Just dance!” the voice said.

He got up to dance, one toe at a time.

His pain subsided as he followed his dream. There was no pain.

The flying man was interviewed by reporters. A reporter asked, “How do you fly?”

“Dance,” he said,

“That’s the way to fly.”

He flew without leaving the ground.